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Canada's #1 Mortgage App for Professionals

Used by more than 23,000 Professionals and 1+ Million consumers.

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Stand out from the competition

Your clients and referral partners rely on mobile apps for travel, banking, or property search. Yet, when it comes to mortgages, they lack a trusted app that empowers them to calculate their purchase power, crunch numbers, and budget effectively. 

As their trusted advisor, they look to you to provide a solution.

Developing and maintaining apps can cost a fortune, and finding a development company with the deep expertise in the mortgage industry is a rarity. Without an accurate mortgage app that aligns with your brand, you will miss out on a valuable opportunity to effectively serve your clients and partners on their favourite device.

The ultimate PRO App


17,000 reviews

Personalized to you

Offer clients a personalized mobile app that empowers them and simplifies their mortgage experience.

Exclusive Tools

Special tools designed for you that can also generate beautiful reports with just a tap of a button.

Lead Generation

Pre-qualified leads with verified contact info via real-time notifications.

Proven Technology

Featured by Apple 6 years in a row and Google’s editor’s choice as one of the 5 top apps for home buyers.

and Powerful PRO Plus Web Tools

Copy & Paste solution. No programming skills needed.


You are in Good Company


Unlike anything you have seen

The World's Best PreQual Tool

Super Accurate with rental analysis for 25+ lenders

One Tap Professional Reports

Live Reports that update on the fly and notify you when viewed

So good clients will want to frame them

Mind Blowing Accuracy

Industry game-changing Tools

Just the Refi Analyzer alone will transform your business.


Feature rich, lightning fast, user friendly and accurate


Admin dashboard to manage your app and more than 10K themes.

Premium Calculators

100+ features for your clients and advanced tools for you.


Easily generate and share professionally prepared live reports,.


Track who installs your app and their usage with verified contact info.


Gain insight with detailed analytics on usage and shares.


Regular Training and live support for you and your clients.


Lender rates and customize how they are displayed on your app.

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications & alerts when things happen.


Integrate your mobile app with other platforms and share data.

Your app is native (not a web app) and therefore offers maximum performance and a premium experience. 

In-app console to manage your branding and choose from 10,000 colour combinations.

Gain insight with analytics and a mini built-in CRM where you can track who installs your app.

Get live in-app tech support for you and your clients as well as FAQs, video tutorials, and regular webinars.

Professionally translated to ​​​​​​French, Chinese, Spanish and Hindi. Your Clients will just love you for it.​

We are constantly improving CMA to be the GOTO app for both professionals, their clients and their referral sources.

Premium Purchase Calculator that includes all mortgage insurance rules and minimum down payment.

Your clients can get pre-qualified and generate branded reports. You’ll automatically receive all reports.

Canada’s first and most comprehensive mobile refinance analyzer is here. 

Stress Test with the full B-20 Guidelines and the best side by side comparison tool you have ever seen

Use this tool to quickly find an applicant’s ratios, with easy indicators to maintain your limits. Add in Rental income rules and calculate like a champ.

Place scenarios side by side and change virtually any variable. View amortization tables and see differences over any term. Generate a PDF report and done.

Increase payments by 10%, 15%, and 20% or just any custom amount and instantly see the total interest savings over the term of the mortgage.

Go from basic to advanced with a single swipe. You’ll be amazed by the number of details included in your app, including the Trigger Rate

Land transfer taxes and first time home buyer rebates anywhere in Canada + a premium Closing Cost Estimator.

Manage multiple scenarios for a client, share them, create reports and load them back on other devices. Your app syncs across multiple devices.

If you already have your client’s financial info handy, simply run it through our Pre-Qualification Tool and in seconds share a personalized report with your client.

Sponsor your favourite Realtor(s) to have their own individually branded CMA and connect your PRO account to support them on all mortgage leads.

You are in luck. Being on CMA means that we will also advertise your profile to thousands of consumers who download our app directly from the App Store.

Easily generate and share professionally prepared Mortgage Scenario and Comparison Reports, right from the palm of your hand. 

Always know what is happening on your app. Receive push notifications & alerts when new users install your app or when a user completes your pre-qualification on your app.

Need to customize the rates your app displays? We automatically sync lender rates multiple times a day and you can pick and choose the lenders you work with, hide it all and further customize custom rates.

Have access to all your data anywhere anytime. Your in-app Admin console also lets you update your contact information and customize your app anytime in real time.

Have an online application pushing data into your CRM? Perfect! Simply, add your custom Apply link to your app and your app will point all your users and requests to your existing online applications.

Platform Integrations allow your mobile app to “talk” to other applications (like your CRM) and share important data in real time.

Canada's #1 Mortgage Tools

Modernize your Biz.

All on your phone any time, any place


Download Canada’s #1 mortgage app and explore all the features completely for free.

Download Canadian Mortgage App


Subscribe. customize, personalize and make it your brand all on your phone.


Mobile is the modern way to get referrals. Send your app to the world, social media, add badges to your website and signatures.

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Watch your app grow with new clients, referrals and lots of time savings.

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For recognized professionals and influencers
  • Everything from PRO Plus and...
  • Partner Branded Apps (1)
  • Leads from Partner Apps
  • Co-Branded Tools (1 domain)
  • Leads from Partner sites
  • Co-Branded Reports
  • 50 Partner Profiles
$169 per seat/mo


Embed powerful web calculators in your website. Improve SEO, engage visitors and generate beautiful professional reports.

$1,200 / year



$995 + $1,200 = $2,195

$1,595 / year
(SAVE 27%)

Canadian Mortgage App PRO

Used by 23,000+ industry experts

What PROs are saying

Tons of positive feedback
Cody Rowe
Read More
I’m getting tons of positive feedback – not to mention new clients – by getting this app in the hands of my referral partners.
Very helpful!
Read More
As a Realtor, I frequently use this app as a quick reference to give my clients an idea of what expenses will be.
Best mortgage app!!
Read More
I use this app at least one a day. Text it to my clients to pre-fill the applications makes my life easier.
Great App
Bosley Jos ,
Read More
I'm a réaltor in downtown Toronto and I make my clients download this app. It allows us to compare costs of various properties easily and accurately. Keep up the good work!
Favourite App for business
Read More
As a real estate Broker this App is amazing for my clients. It helps them play around with different purchase price scenarios, calculate closing costs & down payments also helps me run quick numbers for investor clients on the spot. The Pro is worth it all day long! The support staff is great and very responsive.
I love this app!!
Read More
I have been a mortgage broker for 12 years and this is the best mortgage calculator app that I have ever used. I am very excited to share it with both my clients and referral sources! Thank you!!
Awesome app.
Read More
I cannot live without this app. Immensely useful for qualifying buyers on the spot and show my expertise
Best Apps for rental property in Canada
Read More
How was it even possible to be an investor before this one came out. Best app ever made. Take in consideration all the subtlety of the Canadian market
Great real-estate investing app
Doubt fire
Read More
As a new real estate investor, this app is my number one go-to resource for quickly comparing and evaluating the properties I'm looking at. Great interface, and easy to use.
This App Rocks
Read More
I'm a Real Estate Sales Professional in Ontario- this app covers it all! Land transfer tax calculations, mortgage insurance calculations, etc. They thought of everything when they developed this app!
Read More
I'm able to quote clients accurate numbers on mortgages including CMHC fees in seconds.
Best Mortgage App
Read More
I love this app. Makes me look professional in front of my clients. Quick and easy enough anyone can use it.

Quick, easy and accurate
Simply Powerful

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