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CMA Leads

Works like Uber but for Mortgages

Canadian Mortgage App (CMA) is one of Canada’s most popular mortgage apps. It offers innovative tools, calculators and up-to-date information to help people make smarter financial decisions.

Having more than 900K+ consumers and 23K+ industry professionals on the same platform has allowed CMA to grow into an exciting and vibrant digital ecosystem.

What is the CMA Lead Program?

It’s simple. 

We know that Mortgages are more than numbers, they are complex transactions, and our users require professional guidance and creative solutions beyond our app.

Thus, we are inviting tech-enabled mortgage professionals with an opportunity to participate in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem. 

Our app will connect you to next-generation consumers who need professional advice, comparative lender search and most importantly, the human touch.

How it works

Preview before "Accepting"

Why pay before seeing the goods?

Our 23 step process will offer you this info

  • Name and confirmed contact info
  • Preferred contact method and language
  • Location (city/province)
  • User Notes & Comment (if supplied)
  • Purchase / Refinance / Renewal / Switch
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Down payment Amount
  • Maturity date (if applicable)
  • Existing rate offering (if applicable)
  • Gross annual income
  • Existing debt payments or loan balances
  • Employment type
  • Self-reported credit score or range
  • Rental plans and anticipated rental income
  • Pre-qualified purchase price
  • Pre-qualified loan amount and insurability
  • Preferred rate, rate type and term

How we decide who gets leads

By design, the Canadian mortgage app is a neutralbrand-agnostic mobile app that does not promote, recommend or endorse any specific financial institution or professionals. 

However, when connecting our users to professionals, we get pretty picky. We only want the best for our users and, of course, the most optimal conversion for our partners.

We know conversion is greatly improved when consumers and their mortgage broker naturally develop mutual trust within the first few seconds of contact. 

One critical element that allows us to build trust is having commonalities with our fellow humans. 

Thus, we have been developing an intelligent request notification and distribution platform that uses AI to match the user with the right agent at the right time. Our machine learning algorithm continuously analyzes historical data to optimize the overall platform to improve the system over time.

Respond in seconds (not minutes)

Forget about scheduling a meeting for the next day, people want NOW, and they are willing to download an app, answer 23 questions, and confirm their email and phone number to make it happen.

This is why we ensure requests are sent to you in REAL-TIME

Like literally, the moment you get a push notification is the exact moment the person lifted their finger from the submit button. Thus it is essential, in fact, mandated that you contact the user as soon as you accept the lead. As a simple rule, if you cannot contact the user in seconds, don’t accept the lead and give another broker a chance.

Another benefit of speed is conversion. Harvard did a study and analyzed 15,000 leads and three years of phone call data, and they found out that after 5 minutes, your response conversion decreases by 10x. YES, 10X!!!

Cost to join

There are two parts to the program. 

First, you need an annual CMA PRO account as a pre-requisite. If you have previously obtained a monthly or quarterly subscription, we would ask you to to convert it to an annual plan. You can discuss the options with our sales team. 

Second, each request that you choose to accept comes at a cost. The actual cost depends on your region, volume commitment and conversion ratio. However, the regular price for GTA and GVA is $100 / accepted lead and in some provinces it’s as low as $75/lead.

How to join​

First speak to our sales team to make sure that you are on the correct plan and that your app and account is ready. 

Only after you have received the green light from the sales team, you will be asked to book an interview with Ben.



The initial notification is submitted to multiple agents, but it does not reveal the user’s contact info.

Once you accept the lead and reveal the contact info, no other broker has access.


You can stop accepting leads and let us know to remove you. You will only be billed for the leads you accepted.

You can’t.

The system will automatically select you based on data we obtain from the user and your previous engagements/success.

We process billing on a weekly / bi-weekly basis. You will need to provide us with a credit card to process the billing.

There is no minimum.

You can accept as little or as many leads as you can handle.


We work with many companies and many brands. However, CMA PRO is its own stand-alone product, which comes with its own costs and expenses.

Possible but not initially.

Our responsibility is to ensure leads are verified people and you do not receive spam. Not to mention developing, operating, maintaining and marketing the tech that enables it all.

We do not intend or even attempt to also manage your business, track your work, train you, teach you how to follow up, what to say, or how you can improve your sales (wo)man-ship. 

Your responsibility is the mortgage transaction, the nurturing and closing of the deals. Our responsibility is to make sure only qualified leads and verified contact details make it through.

Having said that, if you can demonstrate a consistently exceptional closing ratio, then we may consider a split model with you.

Initially, you will be required to pay per lead until you can prove your skills and we’d be happy to discuss this option.