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Advanced Payment Details

at your fingertips

A powerful new way to control
how much detail appears on the app. 

With the Advanced Payment Detail option, you can now control the number of details presented to you on the loan screen. Just swipe from Basic to Advanced and view the information you need most.

Where can I find it?

Inside of the purchase calculator, tap on the payments row and you will get to the loan screen.

How to get to Advance payment details

How it Works

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1. Basic Mode

Simple view to compare all payment options in one screen. Modify interest rate, amortization and view calculations in real time.

In this view, you can also see how much of your payment goes towards principal and how much towards interest

Advance Payments Term

2. Term Mode

Set the term and view interest and principal paid over the term. 

Quickly compare interest savings with this payment option and calculate how much of the principal is paid and what the balance of the mortgage will be at the end of term.

Advance Payments Term

3. Total Mode

Understand how much interest will be paid over the life of the mortgage. 

Compare interest saving against other payment options and view how much time you save before the mortgage is paid.

Quick, easy and accurate
Simply Powerful

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How to get the app

Since you are not glued to your phone (for once), you have 3 options for downloading the app

Text yourself a link

.. and have no fear, we don't save your number.

Scan this QR code and go to the app store

OR check us out on the App Store or Google Play