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Refinance Analyzer

What is Refinancing?

Refinancing means renegotiating an existing mortgage, usually to take advantage of lower interest rates or accessing home equity. A client can also pay off high-interest debts and save thousands of dollars in interest. 

Refinancing comes at a cost that may or may not outweigh the benefits. Our simple to use tool helps you quickly analyze whether the savings outweigh the cost and exactly when and by how much.

It also lets you generate a professional report that is easy to read and understand by any client. 

How it works

1. Create a scenario

Use a step-by-step wizard or an express onboarding for power users.

2. Review Results

Review the break-even point, new payment, the interest, cash flow, and time savings.

3. Make advanced edits

Increase AM, match payments, or consolidate debts

4. Generate Report

Generate a professional report. Share a live link so you can continue editing the scenario.

"This APP is pure gold"​
Dustan Woodhouse
President at Mtg Architects, Coach and Author

Watch this helpful 37 min demo including Dustan’s pro tips and review of the new Refinance Analyzer. 

Real time results

Depending on your client’s goal,  you can toggle between saving interest, lowering payment, or reviewing time savings. 

Professional Reports

Consumers don’t want to see your spreadsheet. Tap a button and share a live interactive report. Live reports allow you to edit the client’s scenario on the phone without resending a new report. 

Proper Debt Consolidation

Add any debt. Secure or unsecured, interest-only or amortized, any payment frequency, and any compounding. Then choose to consolidate or deconsolidate. 

Stunning Performance

View the break-even point, find the optimal refinance rate and compute the maximum penalty that can still yield positive savings. All in real-time.

Simple & Comprehensive

We have worked with top brokers in the country to identify the pain points of almost all refinance scenarios. The features below are just the beginning as we continue to offer more value to our PRO members.

Review the full list of features included
  • Total Saving Calculations

    Easily calculate interest savings over the remaining term.

  • Cashflow Analysis

    Calculate cash flow and use advanced techniques to increase it for your client.

  • Unlimited Scenarios​

    Organize scenarios by colour or name, drag and drop to any position in your scenario grid.

  • View Refinance Rates​

    We sync live lender rates 3 times a day so you can get the most up to date Refinance rates over any term

  • Custom LTV​

    Set your max LTV and let the app automatically calculate the equity in the property.

  • Full Saving Schedule​

    Month by month break down of the cost and savings of a refinance.

  • Break-Even Point Analysis​

    Use a powerful slider to traverse through the break-even schedule month by month to view savings at any point

  • Roll in Penalty & Fees​

    Automatically roll pre-payment penalty & other fees into the new mortgage.

  • Cash Equity Take out​

    Automatically roll pre-payment penalty & other fees into the new mortgage.

  • Debt Consolidation​

    Help your clients by showing the how consolidating debts can help their cash flow and save interest.

  • Increase Payment​

    Increase new payment by any amount or change payment frequency and view savings.

  • Extend Amortization​

    Extend amortization to 30 years or less in the new mortgage and show lower payments.

  • Date Picker​

    Extend amortization to 30 years or less in the new mortgage and show lower payments.

  • Keep Same Payment​

    Tap a switch and let the app match the new payment with the current payment to save additional interest. 

  • Roll In Cap​

    Set the roll-in cap and let the app automatically calculate the remaining amount payable cash.

  • Detailed Analyzes

    Dive deeper to fully understand the breakdown of available equity and the new mortgage balance.

  • Reverse Calculate AM / PMT

    Our powerful calculators lets you calculate remaining amortization by the current payment or the reverse.

  • Interactive UI

    Navigation as you expect it. Swipe, scroll, tap and ping. We have highly optimized the workflow for the busy broker.

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