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Smart App Banner

Add a banner to your website and promote your app, just like we do.

Smart Banners that only show on mobile phones.

What is the smart banner?

The smart banner is a little widget you can add to your website. It will offer visitors to install your app when they are visiting your website from their mobile phone. 

What does it do?

When the button on the banner is tapped, it automatically detects the user’s operating system and takes the visitor to the correct App Store or Google Play. If your app is already installed on the visitor’s device, your app will simply open for them. And with a large and prominent close button, the smart banner can easily be dismissed.


You can easily change the logo, add your name and change colour theme of your smart web banner. You can even give it an info text and update the button text.

Here is an example of a customized smart banner. You can see that it was customized to download another version of the Canadian Mortgage App.

How to install it WordPress

To add a Smart App Banner to your website, you need to add two lines of code in your webpage footer. On WordPress, you can use the Page Editor and paste the code in the Footer Scripts section.

Where in WordPress do you add the code?

Open the WordPress page editor and paste the code snippet in the Footer Scripts Section


Code Example

					<div class="bendigi-app-banner" app="cma" 
    publisher="Your Name" 
    infoText="Download my personzlied app" 
    buttonText="Get my app" 
<script src=""> </script>

As you see above, you can customize the publisher name, info text, button label and even the button’s colour.

After you generate your code, copy and paste it into the footer section of your web page.

We recommend not customizing the code before you install it. Once it’s installed successfully and you have visually tested it by viewing your web page from your phone, you may customize it. 

Code Example

					"result": {
    "mortgageAmount": 500000,
    "amortization": 300,
    "loanType": "regular",
    "paymentFrequency": "monthly",
    "mortgagePayment": 2908.0259251850773,
    "paymentPrincipal": 846.0671926129603,
    "paymentInterest": 2061.957732572117,
    "paymentTotalPaid": 3008.0249251850773,
    "paymentIncrease": 100,
    "annualPrepayment": 1000,
    "lumpsumPrepayment": 10000,
    "rate": 5,
    "rateTerm": 60,
    "rateType": "fixed",
    "compoundingPeriod": "semi-annual",
    "termPrincipal": 61534.9848660436,
    "termPrepayment": 21000,
    "termInterest": 112946.51064506102,
    "termInterestSaving": 4072.520854501985,
    "termBalance": 417465.0151339565,
    "termTotalPaid": 195481.49551110461,
    "totalPrincipal": 443200.0000000005,
    "totalPrepayment": 56800,
    "totalInterest": 307472.5995992111,
    "totalInterestSaving": 64934.87795631174,
    "effectiveAmortization": 259,
    "totalTimeSaving": 41.000000000000014,
    "totalBalance": 0,
    "totalPaid": 807472.5995992167,
    "annualAmortizationTable": []

Generate your banner code

If you are using the Canadian Mortgage App. Use CMA otherwise choose the app you are using.
Add your app install link here. You can find your link in your Admin console at the bottom.