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Premium Web tools for modern websites

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What can you do?

Engage & Retain

Offer visitors more reasons to stay on your site with highly interactive and educational mortgage tools branded to YOU.

Tools designed to deliver pixel-perfect user experiences will keep visitors glued to your site and return for more.

Empower & Boost

Your clients want to be in control. What better way to do that than to offer them accurate tools to budget their lives?

After all, “Mortgage Calculator” is a very popular keyword to have on your website—even more than “Rates”.

Endorse & Grow

Let’s Face it, we are in a referral business. Offering referral sources co-branded tools for their websites is a win/win.

Use powerful report capabilities to generate leads or just share beautiful consumer-facing reports to your clients.

Try it out for yourself

Below you'll find the fully customizable calculator hub that you can add to you website.

Easy installation

1. Create a calculator page on your website 2. add code 3. Done!
					<div class="bendigi-calculators" apikey="UNIQUE_API_KEY_FOR_YOUR_DOMAIN"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Get your Trial Calculator Hub

Check out the customizations installation steps

Powerful Features

The Ultimate Comparison Tool

Compare up to 4 Scenarios

Payments, Down payments, GDS/TDS, APR Comparison, Incomes, Principal & Interest, Total Monthly Cost, Cash To Close, insured v insurable.

Co-Branded Partner Widgets​

Sponsor realtor partners with their own branded app and website tools all linked back to you. Help them offer premium service to their clients and you’ll receive referrals like never before.

Property Financing Sheets​

Use the Compare Side-by-Side tool to create your scenario, then hit the Report button and create Property Financing Sheets faster than ever.

Happy Clients & their Partners

Winnipeg Real Estate Board
Mona Delir (Roay LePage)
Velocity (Newton)
Centum Financial
Your Website



Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, we have a package that fits your budget.


For recognized professionals and influencers
  • Everything from PRO Plus and...
  • Partner Branded Apps (1)
  • Leads from Partner Apps
  • Co-Branded Tools (1 domain)
  • Leads from Partner sites
  • Co-Branded Reports
  • 50 Partner Profiles
$169 per seat/mo




You have 30 days or 500 API calls (whichever comes first) to try out the tools and see if it works for you.

On the trial plan, we have budgeted a specific amount of usage, and when you get close to the limit, two things are true: (1) your site seems to be popular, (2) our team will politely ask you to upgrade.

Higher usage limits are not the only reason you should upgrade. The PRO offer more customizations, branding and additional tools that are not available during your trial.

We believe that powerful tools provide value, retention, SEO, and more brand exposure for you.

Your calculator will offload the heavy number crunching to our servers, and because server traffic costs money, we count how many hits our servers receive. Each successful request/response pair is considered as one call.

First of all, Congratulations.!! It’s not easy to get thousands of calculations done on your website without some really good marketing. However, when you do, additional charges apply. 

If you are on the trial, then unfortunately, our system will suspend your account.

If you are on the PRO plan, the overage above your 5,000 monthly API calls, would be calculated at a rate of $20 / 1,000 API calls

For example, if you have subscribed to the PRO plan and in one billing cycle you get 6,000 API calls on your websites your overage charge would be $20. However, if you consistently are over the limit, you can purchase higher usage limits in batch at a significant discount. 

To find out what is the best plan for you, use the 30 day trial to see the traffic you receive and then speak to one of our advisors for the most affordable plan that fits your business. Once you upgraded your plan, continue to monitor your usage in your admin dashboard

Yes. In the PRO PLUS package, you’ll get to create (1) additional web code either for one of your agents or for individual realtor partner.

Each web code can be customized and optionally carry your branding or be co-branded. Additional web codes for individual realtor partners can be added to the account at $20/mo. 

We support three Types of Partners.

Individual Realtor Partners – $20
This API key type is the default per account and restricts the number of pages the tools can be used on the main domain. Since it’s meant for individuals, it will not support subdomains.

Brokerage Partner Keys
This API key allows the tools to be placed on an extended number of pages on the main domain. It also supports subdomains for brokerages who create subdomains for their agents. Actual number of subdomains is priced in tiers. Speak to Sales for a custom quote.

Enterprise Partner Keys
This API key allows the tools to be placed on an extended number of pages on the main domain. It also supports subdomains and each agent under a sub domain or sub page have their own account with us. This allows agents to brand and customize the tools as they see fit. Speak to Sales for a custom quote.

Initially, the web tools were not tied to existing subscriptions or mobile apps, which is reflected in your current subscription price. However, going forward, all PRO subscriptions will include the web tools and the new monthly subscriptions.

If you are on an older subscription plan and wish to also have the website widgets, please speak to our sales team to upgrade you to the latest and greatest. 

The "I'm not so convinced" Webinar


Coming Soon

Prices always increase. If you like what you see, subscribe to a plan early and grand-father/mother your account with us.

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