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We are not a mortgage company​

Bendigi Technologies is a Toronto-based tech company that wants to make the mortgage process faster and more convenient for everyone. Our app won’t do your mortgage or sell you a home, but we know just the right people who can. 

We have more than 8,000 Mortgage Brokers and 14,000+ Real estate professionals on our platform. In addition of providing premium tools and analyzers, we also cherry-pick the best of the best and connect them with you when you need them.

Security at our Core

Our top priority

At Bendigi Tech, we are committed to security and compliance to protect our user’s data at all costs. Our partnership with Drata’s security and compliance experts offers us real-time visibility into our security posture. Through automated control monitoring and continuous visibility into the status of risks affecting security, availability, processing, confidentiality and privacy, we are alerted and address gaps when they form.

Awesome app. Super eqsy
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Awesome app. Super eqsy. Has everything you need for mortgage
Kyle Loewen
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Used this app to purchase my first home. I was pleasantly surprised by the low rate I was able to get and extremely satisfied with the broker and end results. I am currently using it once again!! Highly recommended.
Thank you for making my life easy
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This app made a year of house hunting and comparing scenarios and rates and income super easy! I’m really grateful for this awesome tool! Good job guyyys!
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It is an amazing software that tells you about your chances in securing a mortgage
Very Helpful!!!!
Mike Marie
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This app helps explain and give answers to all my mortgage-related questions. Job well done by the developers.
Levi Kosowan
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Works good to get an idea of the expense of buying property
Very helpful!
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I found this app to be very helpful as I use it to consider various options for my mortgage renewal as well as other financing needs. Very easy to compare the interest rate options, amortizations, payments. Thanks so much!
Vince Stambulic
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Really helps figure out affordable options
Simply Amazing
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There’s no other app like it. As a FHB, I can do my homework before I go to my realtor. I know exactly how much I can afford using this app. Thank you for making home buying process soooo much easier for everyone.
Gaurav GG
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Very useful. Gives almost accurate values and consider all the expenses which a first time home buyer would not be aware of.
Great app
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Happy Surprise to see how informative and detailed this app is.
d c
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Really useful for making quick acurate calculatations.
Excellent and useful
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Used it to buy a million dollar fixer upper and negotiate better rates on existing mortgages. Now use it for rental cash flow calculations. Extremely useful!
Ernest Asante
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Really good app for anyone prepping to buy property & really get a good understanding of the amount they will need to put down or be paying monthly. Especially first time home buyers who are unsure of what they can afford or in their budget. Also to understand the significance of interest rates.
Best app ever for mortgage questions
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Absolutely great work and working to improve, these guys are absolutely doing a great job!
Umar Aslam
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Excellent app, have been using it for a while
Complete App
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This is an excellent app for any type of home buyer with every feature required to make an informed decision
Eshan Gupta
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Great App, considers a lot of factors one might think of while purchasing a house.
Great app
Tying judging
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Great app, I have everything to start, give me a lot of options, this app is more than 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, download now, don’t wait
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This is such a great tool for someone buying their first house, and anyone else who wants to quickly and simply calculate a mortgage. I used it last year when I was shopping for houses and I knew exactly what I'd be paying for my mortgage by calculating it on this app. It's my favorite mortgage app.
Best Canadian Mortgage App! No Kidding 😄
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It’s a very useful Application with a lot of features that serve you very well for real life Mortgage applications. I really like the stress test and also the GDS/TDS feature. All in all, it’s really what you need to calculate your Mortgage and monthly expenses. Thank you
Oppo Moga
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fantastic app.... everything at your fingertips man. cant ask for better. doea all the calculations required for property purchase and then some. even factors in the cmhc premiums and various mortgage payment options plus land transfer tax calculations. Love it...and works flawlessly Everytime. no c
Best mortgage app ever
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It’s easy and intuitive. User experience at its best. Million options to select. Every possible scenario to select from. First time home buyer. Rental property buyer. Investment property buyer. Mortgage vs rent. Everything you need is in this app.

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