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Branded Reports

Generating reports is an essential feature of any finance app. In the mortgage world, we have quite a few numbers and dollar amounts that need to be efficiently communicated clearly to clients, colleagues, partners and lenders.

The challenge with creating reports is not with fitting the numbers into a table but rather how to best position each number, how to highlight the important ones from the details and how to create an easy to read and easy to understand flow of information.

Much thought has to go into each line of a report before one can produce a beautiful piece of document.

Faster Responsive Branded More Beautiful Includes a PDF

We took the Filogix Expert report to yet another level! 

You get the same awesome information and a few other data points that we know you’ll find super useful. Use your app to generate and send branded summary reports to your clients with the possibility of attaching a PDF along with it.

How it Works

Mortgage Summary Report
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Select the Reports you want

Pick up your app, enter the information, tap on the export button, choose email or text message.

Preview and Send

You will be able to see the details and branding in the preview. All you have to do now is enter the email address and tap on send.

Sample Report

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Elements of the Report

Reports are personalized with contact info, profile picture and brand colours.

The header contains the set up of the report with mortgage amount, rate information and amortization.

Basic payment amount and payment frequency

The amount of interest paid over the term and if there were any savings due to accelerated frequencies or extra payments.

How much of the principal was paid over the term and what the balance would be at the end of term

Shows how much time remains at the end of the term. Also shows, if there were any time savings due to accelerated or extra payments.

Every report contains links to your app so anyone who receives a report from your app gets the chance to download it

What PROs are saying

Tons of positive feedback
Cody Rowe
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I’m getting tons of positive feedback – not to mention new clients – by getting this app in the hands of my referral partners.
Very helpful!
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As a Realtor, I frequently use this app as a quick reference to give my clients an idea of what expenses will be.
Best mortgage app!!
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I use this app at least one a day. Text it to my clients to pre-fill the applications makes my life easier.
Great App
Bosley Jos ,
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I'm a réaltor in downtown Toronto and I make my clients download this app. It allows us to compare costs of various properties easily and accurately. Keep up the good work!
Favourite App for business
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As a real estate Broker this App is amazing for my clients. It helps them play around with different purchase price scenarios, calculate closing costs & down payments also helps me run quick numbers for investor clients on the spot. The Pro is worth it all day long! The support staff is great and very responsive.
I love this app!!
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I have been a mortgage broker for 12 years and this is the best mortgage calculator app that I have ever used. I am very excited to share it with both my clients and referral sources! Thank you!!
Awesome app.
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I cannot live without this app. Immensely useful for qualifying buyers on the spot and show my expertise
Best Apps for rental property in Canada
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How was it even possible to be an investor before this one came out. Best app ever made. Take in consideration all the subtlety of the Canadian market
Great real-estate investing app
Doubt fire
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As a new real estate investor, this app is my number one go-to resource for quickly comparing and evaluating the properties I'm looking at. Great interface, and easy to use.
This App Rocks
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I'm a Real Estate Sales Professional in Ontario- this app covers it all! Land transfer tax calculations, mortgage insurance calculations, etc. They thought of everything when they developed this app!
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I'm able to quote clients accurate numbers on mortgages including CMHC fees in seconds.
Best Mortgage App
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I love this app. Makes me look professional in front of my clients. Quick and easy enough anyone can use it.

Quick, easy and accurate
Simply Powerful

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