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When we first launched our mobile pre-qualification tool, it was a huge game-changer for Mortgage Brokers and Realtors across Canada. 

All you need to do is to send your PRO app to a client and receive a notification and the full report as soon as your client is pre-qualified. 


In fact, the process is so convenient that in less than a year, we generated over 40,000 pre-qualifications across all Bendigi powered mobile apps.

It's "On-Demand"

In some cases, sending the app to a client is not really necessary because you already have the client’s information and only need to plug it in and send them the pre-qualification report/certificate

To facilitate a smoother real estate transaction, save time and offer our PRO users more flexibility, we’ve added Pre-qualification On-Demand.

How it Works

Pre-qualification On-Demand allows PRO subscribers to pre-qualify their clients on their own device and generate a beautiful and personalized PDF report that is automatically sent to the client.

Pre qualification on demand
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1. Pre-Qualify

Pick up your app, enter your client’s info and in seconds calculate the maximum pre-qualified home price they can afford. 

Pre Qualification on Demand

2. Share with a Client

Personalize the report and share a beautiful PDF your client with all the details attached and branded to you.

Note: This feature is an admin-only feature so only YOU can see the “Share with a Client” section. 

3. Personalized Report

Our state of the art report is personalized and submitted to the email address you specify.


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