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Premium Features

  • You can easily brand this tool and embed it in your own website as a stand alone tool or include it part of our multi tool offering. The professional report will also be branded to your company.
  • By default, we use the B20 Guidelines which dictates how the stress test rate is calculated. Of course, to be complete, you can change this setting from the “Gear Icon” in the result box. The B20 says the stress test rate (MQR) needs to be the greater of BOC Qualifying Rate or Contract Rate + 2% but you can configure it to use the contract rate only.
  • You may have noticed but we have developed the first-ever Canadian affordability slider that is capable of “sliding” both GDS and TDS ratios simultaneously. This makes it super simple. You can also click on “Advanced” next to the slider to specify your desired maximum GDS/TDS values.
  • In the result box, you can also see, how much gross cash is left after paying all expenses including the actual mortgage payments (based on the contract rate), monthly debt payments and property expenses.
  • You can also add rental income and potentially improve the max mortgage amount. In the settings (Gear Icon in the Result box) you can also configure how this subject rental income is considered. Choose between add-back and offset and adjust the rental income portion.
  • French translation is not available yet.
  • Please provide feedback and bug reports by using our live chat located in the bottom right corner or sending us an email to

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