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  • Once installed on your website, you can customize it with default values for all of the fields.
  • The result box contains three (3) boxes that represent the common ratios. 32/40, 35/42 and 39/44. If the current GDS/TDS is within the realm of any of the common ratios, they get lid up in green. Otherwise, they remain red to indicate a failed situation.
  • If you were to click on the common ratios (the ratios boxes), the mortgage amount would automatically adjust itself to the penny to satisfy the clicked ratios.
  • By default, it uses the B20 Guidelines to choose the stress test rate to be the greater of the BOC Qualifying Rate or Contract Rate + 2%. You can switch the rule to “contract only” by clicking on the gear icon in the result box.
  •  The default condo fee inclusion rate is 50%; you can customize that in the settings.
  • In the result box, you can also see how much gross cash is left after paying all expenses, including the actual mortgage payments (based on the contract rate), monthly debt payments and home expenses.
  • You can also add rental income and potentially improve the ratios by choosing the subject rental income settings (gear icon). Choose between add-back and offset and adjust the rental income portion.
  • French translation is not available yet but will be available prior to launch.
  • Please provide feedback and bug reports by using our live chat located in the bottom right corner of this page or by sending us an email to

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