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Demo Installations

Adding the Calculator Hub is just a few lines of HTML code

					<div class="bendigi-calculators" apikey="YOUR_API_KEY"></div>
<script src=""></script>

The "I'm not so convinced" Webinar

Individual Tool Pages

Purchase Calculator

The ultimate budgeting tool to make your next purchase a breeze.

Closing Costs

Detailed closing costs analysis including land transfer taxes

Land Transfer

Transfer taxes and rebates for every region in Canada.

Mortgage Calculator

Easy to use and jam-packed with features.

Compare Side by Side

Compare up to four purchase or renewals.

"Ice Breaker"

Designed to encourage users to interact with your site

Maximum Mortgage

The maximum mortgage one can afford with a unique comfort slider.

Required Income

Estimates the minimum income needed for any size mortgage.


Calculate the debt service ratios to an insane level of accuracy.


In the Oven

Refinance Analyzer

On the Road map

Buy or Rent Analyzer

In Queue

Create your custom embed code in 2 min