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How to install Calculators on your Website

WordPress as an example. Others are very similar 🙂

Multi Tool vs Single Tool

There are two options for how you can display the calculators on your website. You can create a  single page on your website and show off all the calculators OR you can create one webpage for each individual calculator.

Option 1 - Multi Tool

Create a single web page on your website and display all calculators at once.  By default, our calculators have a built-in menu that lets users switch between the various tools. 

Option 2 - Single Tool Page

Here you want to create multiple pages on your website and then display one calculator on each page.  Once you have created the pages, you can add a drop-down menu item to your current home page menu. You then need to link each option to the page you have created.

Converting your web code from a multi-tool to a single tool is super easy.  

Locate “tools” in the code and change its value from all to one of simple-mtg” OR purchase OR closing cost OR land-transfer” while keeping the quotes intact.

					<div class="bendigi-calculators" 
    apikey="YOUR_APIKEY" terms="" navpositiontop="0px" 
<script src=""></script>

More Customizations

There are a few other customization. Please refer to our google doc here


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