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Compare Side by Side

Answer your client’s questions within seconds using our super awesome Compare Side By Side Calculator.

With this amazing tool, you will be able to compare with your clients, different scenarios, and share a report within seconds from the comfort of your phone. Now, let’s see how  CMA’s most popular tool works.

Compare Term vs Compare Totals

Before loading your scenarios, the first step is to set up your tool options. Do you want to Compare interest and time savings over the life of the mortgage or do you rather compare savings over the term? 

Depending on the option that you pick, you will be able to:

Savings over Term

Total Savings

What can you compare?

When it comes to comparing different scenarios, CMA Compare Side by Side tool offers you many options:

Out of all the possibilities you can share with your clients the scenario that pays off the most amount of their loan in the shortest period or the real impact of a lower downpayment, maybe how much interest they can save with an accelerated payment option, or the interest savings by adding extra payments and much more!

Let’s have a closer look at all the sections that you can Edit & Compare

Different Mortgages

Compare and share directly from your phone to your clients the difference of a higher or lower downpayment.

  • Different Down Payments
  • Different Loan Amounts
  • Different Home Prices
  • With Insurance Premiums or Without

Different Rates

Do you want to compare rates and share a beautiful report with your clients in seconds? 

  • Different Interest Rates and Term
  • Different Rate Types
  • Different Compounding
  • Different Amortizations

Various Extra Payments

You can use the compare tool to quickly compare mortgage scenarios with and without payment increases or annual lumpsum pre-payments. Generate a report in seconds and share it with clients.

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