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Build More Relationships with Realtors in 2021 with PRO Plus

Are you a mortgage broker who’s looking to build more relationships with realtors this year? Who isn’t? Not only is the Canadian Mortgage App a great tool for clients and mortgage brokers alike, but it’s also a fantastic tool you can use as a mortgage broker to help build a closer relationship with your realtor partners. How is that done? Read on to find out.


Providing Realtors with Something of Value

Do you know the only thing more annoying than a telemarketing call? The numbers of calls realtors receive from mortgage brokers who want to partner with them. Mortgage brokers will often cold call realtors and promise them great service for their clients if they’ll only “try them out.” It’s fine to get one or two of these calls a month, but the realtor sometimes gets five or 10 of these calls a day. It cannot be delightful.

If the realtor is successful, they will usually already have a couple of mortgage brokers they already rely on. Promising them great service and great rates isn’t going to work if they’re already getting it from their existing mortgage broker partners. If only there were a way you could help differentiate yourself from the pack. And there is – the Canadian Mortgage App PRO Plus!

Networking in the Age of COVID-19

If you look up the definition of networking, it’s about both parties offering something of value to each other. However, if you’re just cold-calling realtors, saying you’ll offer them great service and offering them nothing else of value, it’s going to be a tough sell.

Things have become more challenging with COVID-19. Realtors are less willing to meet up with you for coffee due to health and safety reasons, making it even tougher to build a partnership. Good luck building a partnership over the phone or Zoom. It isn’t easy!

Mortgage brokers that sign up for the Canadian Mortgage App PRO Plus have an unfair advantage. You, as the broker, can actually offer realtors something of value. When you call up a realtor, instead of begging them to use your services, you offer them something of value without asking for anything in return; it’s a much better way of building a long-term relationship.

Introducing the PRO Plus

What you’ll be offering the realtor is their very own branded Canadian Mortgage App. With the app, they can freely share it with their network, including clients, knowing that their brand is advertised and shared. They can use the app to help build their own business by posting access to it on social media or connecting with their existing clients. And it doesn’t cost them a dime!

Here’s where you come in. Not only are you making the realtor’s job easier, but the realtor can also advise their clients to get pre-approved for a mortgage on the app with their trusted mortgage partner – that’s you!

Investing in Your Business

PRO Plus is a real bargain for mortgage brokers. A subscription to PRO Plus only requires a small initial investment of $100 per month. You get access to your own PRO Plus app at this price point, plus you can grant access to five of your top Realtor partners. If you’d like to grant access to more than two realtor partners, it only requires an additional investment of $20 per month. Once you get to 25 or more realtor partners, you’ll receive a volume discount of $15 per month. It’s that easy!

Think about all the time you’ve been spending following up with realtors, hoping they will use your services. All the time and money you spent wining and dining realtors and sending nice gifts with little to show. You can instead invest a fraction of that into your PRO Plus account. You’ll save money and actually see results. It doesn’t get any better than that!

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to sign up for PRO Plus and start seeing success with your realtor partners? Click here to learn more and sign up today.


New Mobile App Release – April 2023


New Mobile App Release – February 2023


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