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New App Release
April 2023

– Introducing the New Required Income Calculator. Find out how much income is required for any size mortgage.

What's New

New Required Income Calculator

Calculate how much income is required for any size mortgage.

Stress Tested

Automatically decides the Mortgage Qualifying Rate (MQR). based on the B20 Guidelines. Further refine the results by adding property expenses like property taxes, heating costs and condo fees.

Property Expense Estimation

To make it easier to estimate property expenses, we have designed a new tool to help you. Simply enter the location and property value and estimate your potential property  expenses.

Built-in Debt Payment Tool

Summing up debt payments and including them in the calculations can be a chore. We’ve designed a new debt payment tool that will help you add and sum up all your liabilities and calculate the minimum required payments.

Advanced Settings

Customize the results with advanced settings for GDS/TDS, Rental income rules, condo fee inclusion percentage and the option to exclude expenses from TDS.

For PRO Users

New Social Links

PRO subscribers can now add in two additional social links to their profile.

Social Media Link Video Tutorial 

Learn how to add all your social media links in 5 minutes.
Access this tutorial video from Admin > My Profile > Scroll to Social Section

Other Enhancements

  • The Stress Test and the GDS/TDS tools have adopted new advanced settings screens.
  • Amortization sliders now increment only by years.
  • Speed up Lender Worksheet calculation speed for some devices.

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