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New App Release
February 2023

– Our first release of 2023 starts with a healthy list of updates. We hope you enjoy them.

New Release

What's New

More Accuracy in Payments

All rates on the app now display up to 3 decimal places; this allows you to be laser accurate when calculating payments.

New Menu in the Mortgage Calculator

Tap on the menu in the result header and see the various options, like changing payment frequency, loan type, rate type, term and compounding.

Connecting with Top Advisors

When submitting a request for a rate quote to an advisor, we have improved the wizard to tell you if you need more down payment. Having correct amount will improve your chances to be advised by award winning mortgage professionals.

For PRO Users

Platform Integrations

PRO subscribers can now configure their personal mobile app to connect with their CRM or other platform they use and love. Like BluMortgage, Brokeredge, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, HubSpot and many more.

Pre-Qualification Updates

  • Improved the algorithm and updated a few rules for various lenders.
  • The condo fee inclusion percentage has moved to the Qualification tab.
  • The PREQ2 Debt tab now shows you the min payments for each liability. 
  • LTV now shows up to 5 decimal places. Woot!!!
Mortgage Pre-Qualification

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