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Release Notes

Version 12.X

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Version 12.2

New tool - The "Simple" Mortgage Calculator

  • An entry tool for newbies. Designed to look and feel super simple in order to let clients ease into the calculations with confidence.
  • Please don’t be fooled by the word “simple”, this tool looks easy but supports complex reverse calculations that some calculators (cough: Expert) struggle with. 
  • This tool is one of a kind because it takes care of ALL corner cases (and there are a lot when doing reverse computations). For instance, you can calculate a target interest rate from a payment amount at an accelerated frequency with/without pre-payments. It’s that good.
  • Also with that comes an incredibly good looking report that brokers can generate, share and track (see next)

New "Report Tracking"​

  • How awesome would it be to get notified when someone views a report you’ve worked so hard to create and share? Sure you can send an email and track the email opens but that is soon disappearing with iOS 15. 
  • When a client opens or downloads a report, the system automatically sends a push notification to the report owner. A great way for brokers to follow up the same day a client revisits a report.
  • Also, every report has a QR Code now that can be scanned to download the agent’s personalized app. More downloads … More business.

New "Anticipated Future Rate Analysis"

  • By simply entering a projected future renewal rate, a broker can estimate the savings that are beyond the end of the current term, better yet, a powerful slider to determine limits and thresholds.
  • No more saying “I don’ have a crystal ball”, instead the broker can answer what-if questions like this: 
    1. If rates were X or higher at renewal, your Refinance will still offer positive savings for another 60 months.
    2. The rate that you need to get at renewal is X or lower. You can see that it’s almost impossible for lenders to offer this.
    3. Even if you were to get a renewal rate of X, the savings of a refinance will be Y in month 60.

New "Client is Back Notification"

  • Wouldn’t it be really useful if you get notified when a client comes back to your app after a longer period of inactivity? Well, now you get notified when a user returns to your app after 7 days of not using the app.

Other Enhancement to the Refinance Analyzer

  • Interest Only New Mortgage when moving a current mortgage to a HELOC
  • New Graphs in the Refinance Analysis to show interest and payment savings
  • Save option in the menu so that you can push changes on-demand when working with a client on a shared live report
  • Better support Refinance Report in French 
  • Optimized the Refinance algorithm in some special cases when penalties and fees are rolled in

Enhancements to the Purchase Calculator

  • New Amortization input that accepts years and months for more accuracy (even converts irregular formats)
  • Two new fields on the main screen. Amortization and Rate for quick edits
  • Ability to add extra payment right from the main screen
  • Added the ability to add one-time prepayment in the Extra payment feature
  • Quick links to view the amortization schedule.
  • The Amortization Schedule now shows the end-of-term summary when you first view it.

New Dashboard

  • A freshly redesigned home screen with a modern and compact layout. The dashboard is also personalizable by you and will travel with you when you log into any new phone.

Other Features, Fixes and Enhancements

  • The Compare Tool received some minor visual tweaks to hint that sections are expandable
  • App install web pages have a new modern Phone Template and an updated copy
  • Fixed the navigation bar item so that it doesn’t fade out after presenting the share sheet

Version 12.1

New Refinance Analyzer for Consumers

  • Quickly understand whether it makes sense to break your existing mortgage for a lower rate and if your pre-payment penalty can be recovered with the savings of a  lower rate.
  • Simulate Debt Consolidation and see how much interest you save and how much lower your payments will be if you were to pay off all your debt and combine the balance into a new mortgage
  • Start your refinance application on your phone and speed up the data entry by attaching your refinance scenario.

New Dashboard Design

  • The new dashboard design comes with a beautiful edit functionality so you can hide/show and prioritize tools you use most often
  • New Users will now get a personalized Dashboard configuration depending on their goals, selected in the App Onboarding
  • Your Dashboard Configuration will travel with you! Your dashboard configuration is now associated with your profile, so when you log in on a new device you should see a familiar tool layout.

Enhancements to the Refinance Analyzer PRO

  • Introducing the Anticipated Future Rate Analysis to offer professionals the ability to project savings beyond the end of the current term. 
  • Save option in the menu so that you can push changes on-demand when working with a client on a shared live report.
  • Refinance Report is now also available in French
  • Every report has a QR Code at the end so users can download the agent’s app
  • Interest Only New Mortgage when moving a current mortgage to a HELOC
  • Optimized the Refinance algorithm to be more accurate in some special cases when penalty and fees are rolled in
  • New Graphs in the Refinance Analysis to show interest and payment savings
  • Lender input in the express setup

Enhancements to the Purchase Calculator

  • Now supports the amortization and the rate input right from the first screen.
  • Quick links to view the amortization schedule and 
  • Ability to add extra payment right from the main screen
  • Added the ability to add one-time prepayment in the Extra payment feature
  • The Amortization Schedule now shows the end of term summary when you first view it

Other Features and Enhancments

  • PRO Brokers on the referral program can import the refi deal’s scenarios into their own scenario list after they accept the deal.
  • Amortization fields to accept years and months for more accuracy
  • The Compare Tool received some minor visual tweaks
  • CMA colours have slightly changed
  • CMA PRO app install pages have a new modern Phone Template and also additional text for branding
  •  Fixed the navigation bar item so that it doesn’t fade out after presenting the share sheet

Version 11.7.5

We’ve been working extra hard on this release with a major revamp to serve as the groundwork for a new tool we’d like to introduce before the end of 2020. 

Brand new scenarios management tool

  • We improved the way you manage saved scenarios. It is now faster, more intuitive and more accessible.
  • You can access your scenario grid from any tool via a dedicated button.
  • The scenario’s name is conveniently placed in the navigation menu, and you can even rename it from there.
  • Seamlessly work on your scenarios even when your phone is offline and synchronize across multiple devices when a connection is available.
  • You can tag your scenarios with beautiful colours, rename, duplicate, load and edit the same scenario on multiple devices.
  • From the Scenarios grid, you can drag the scenarios with your finger and change their display order.

Enhancements to Pre-Qualification

  • The Pre-Qualification tool just got smarter. It automatically chooses the best case scenarios between insurable (20% down, < $1M, 25 yr am) and uninsured (20% down, < $1M, 30 yr am)
  • Fixed a bug that would not include Mortgage Insurance in the maximum loan. We’ve updated the explainer copy to make it simpler to understand.

Enhancements to Comparison tool

  • New expandable design. You can tap on the rows to expand for more details
  • Updated the report with more compare details
  • Supports comparing with various interest compounding
  • Minor UI enhancements for Dark mode

Enhancements to Purchase Calculator

  • New Condo Fee and Heat fields
  • Improved layout on phones with increased text size
  • Updated Automatic Minimum Down Payment menu
  • Ability to connect with a Mortgage Broker directly from within the Purchase Calculator
  • Gracefully handles $0 / 0% in every field, including rate, amortization, term and income inputs

Enhancements to Stress Test Tool

  • Improved GDS/TDS and Rental Income Algorithm
  • More accuracy with decimal points in property taxes
  • From the menu, you can exclude home expenses from GDS/TDS calculations
  • New menu item to change Loan Type (Regular vs Interest-only)
  • Shows Rental Income custom offset right on the menu
  • Default GDS/TDS is now 39/44

Enhancements to Loan and Extra Payment

  • The Advanced Rate Settings now shows the annual effective rate for each compounding period so you can compare apples with apples.
  • Supporting 2 additional compounding periods
  • Automatically update compounding when toggling between fixed and variable rates.
  • Increased payments now accept decimal input to achieve more accurate amounts for 5%/10%/20%, or 100% increased payments.

iOS 14 Improvements

  • Fixed a permission issue when uploading profile photos from your photo library and iCloud
  • Support for the new iOS 14 system menu
  • Acknowledgements can be viewed in the iPhone settings app and from within extra tab on Android

Version 11.6

Compare mortgages with extra payments directly in the compare tool

It’s finally here. You can now use the compare tool to quickly compare mortgage scenarios with and without payment increase and annual pre-payment.

Find past notifications quickly with a new search and filter feature

Introducing a faster way to search for past notifications. Use the new search capability in the Notifications tab to quickly find what you are looking for. Home Buyer | PRO

Find your favourite tools much faster now by customizing your dashboard

A new feature to enable customization of your Dashboard​. You can customize how your app looks and also get things done faster by bringing the most used tools to the top. Learn More

Easily refresh your pre-qualification amount when the qualifying rate changes

Easily update your Pre-Qualification amount when the Bank of Canada’s qualifying rate changes Use the mighty “Refresh” button that updates your PREQ in an instant. Learn More.

Connect with Brokers who speak your preferred language

Add your preferred spoken language to your profile, so when you are ready to request a mortgage, our app can match you with one of our Mortgage Brokers in your area who also speaks your native tongue. How awesome is that? Learn More

Support for various Interest Compounding in Advanced Rate Settings

Did you know that most fixed-rate mortgages have a semi-annual compounding, and most variable rates are compounded monthly? Of course, you did. However, this is not the case for all mortgages. Hence we are now supporting the ability to change compounding using the advanced rate settings.

UI enhancements in the Amortization Schedule

We’ve taken a second look at our dynamic amortization table and made some UI adjustments. We organized the information better to get ready for some really awesome capability coming in the next few versions. Learn More.

For Brokers

PRO Brokers can take full control of the rates you want to show.​

PRO users can now customize which lender rates to display on their customer-facing app and which rates to hide. Accessible from the PRO Admin Console. Learn More

Contact clients much faster with a built in SMS option in the Pre-Qual notification

As a PRO user, when you receive a pre-qualification report, you can now tap on the phone number and choose to send a text response. No message templates yet, but we have it in our plan. Learn More

Version 11.5

A new modern way to request to connect with a Broker on CMA

Introducing a new modern way to request to speak with one of our mortgage partners. Whether you need a pre-approval, looking to renew your mortgage or refinance your home, our new request form will save you time and provide your advisor with just the right details to help you make one of the most significant investments of your life. Learn More

Ability to change the Loan Type to Interest-Only

Introducing Interest-only payments. Usually, mortgage payments have a principal and an interest component. However, some mortgage products allow interest-only payments (monthly compounded). This new feature is available to you when editing the **interest rate**; you can change the rate type to be interest-only. Learn More.

Updated the LTT Report to include more details

New enhancements to the Land Transfer Tax summary report. It now shows all the rebate settings that you have enabled. Details include but not limited to whether the First time home buyer rebate or the newly built home rebate were selected. Learn More.

Broker PRO can enable automatic "Best Rates" displayed under their logo

PRO Brokers can put their rates display on autopilot and still maintain up to date without giving away the farm. The new feature is available only to PRO Broker subscribers and accessible from your admin console under Rate Settings. Learn More.

Detecting resubmissions and allowing users to connect with their original broker

Our contact form is actually super smart and will offer you an option to connect you with your previous broker if you have already submitted a request in the past or connect you with another broker in your area.

Making it easier to use swipe keyboard when logging in

Improvements in the Login process for users who use swipe keyboard actions. This tiny enhancement makes our life easier by removing unwanted spaces and auto-corrections that typically show up with swipe actions.

Zapier Support (PRO)

When you receive a new client email, you can now pipe that into Zapier’s mail parser and do some integration magic. Ask our support team for more details via the in-app support chat 

The rate in the PREQ Certificate / Report now displays "To Be Quoted"

Although the PREQ finds a rate to pre-qualify you, the rate itself is only used for calculation purposes. You still need a formal approval or pre-approval from a lenders. Hence the Rate will now say “To Be Quoted” on the report.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with rates not reloading on app relaunch
  • Fixed the Gradient Colour Scheme for PRO subscribers
  • Fixed Security crash
  • Fixed the flickering of the PREQ card

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