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Impact of Remote Working in Real Estate

Impact of Remote Working in Real Estate

We are living through an extraordinary situation, but that doesn’t mean the impact of working remotely has to negatively impact the real estate business. 

It’s been over a month since the working world as we know it came to a complete halt. Restaurants, shops and many other businesses closed their doors to the public as the world went into a community quarantine. 

A lot of companies and big businesses set up their employees to work from home, developing remote working practises and helping their employees transform their personal living spaces into home offices. Daily routines were modified to promote everyone to socially distance and help do their part in ending the global pandemic by telecommuting.

Advantages of Telecommuting 

There are many pros and cons with telecommuting (also known as work from home; or WFH). Advantages of WFH include not having to commute to the office daily, which can save both time and expenses involved with travelling to work. Don’t forget as well no commuting = great for the environment, one less car polluting the air- nice!

It gives employees more freedom over their work hours and work locations, as well as more flexibility in balancing their work and personal obligations. The advantages extend also to the employer. Allowing employees to telecommute often results in more productivity. 

Telecommuters are also likely to be happier in their jobs and are therefore more likely to stay with the company longer. The company might even save some cash on office supplies too.

Disadvantages of Telecommuting

Despite all the pros, some simply prefer the office. Those that do say the office helps them get in a more professional mindset. They believe in the “suit-up, show-up” mentality, which can often be difficult to achieve at home. 

Some also say that they have fewer distractions in the office. While the office may be noisier than a home, there is no TV or home improvement project to distract you. Finally, some say they get a better feel of the pulse of the market through the small conversations with other agents in the office.

Other cons include the disadvantage of no team building or social life balance, including less team interaction and missing out on the feeling of being a community and sharing team values. 

Employees need to have good self discipline to make up for the lack of routine and keep themselves focused. There are definite solutions to the cons, just as there are benefits to the pros. In the end, it is all about working with the right type of person and having open communication about expectations from the beginning.

How Remote Working affects Homebuyers

If you are looking to purchase a home right now, you might be feeling wary of the process during this pandemic. Realtors and sellers are setting up virtual tours of properties for sale that allow you to tour different houses from the comfort of your own couch.

This is actually an advantage for buyers, as it allows you the opportunity to view more properties in less time without the worry of travelling all around. You have a better opportunity of finding your dream home and saving time in the process.

Tips for Realtors and Brokers that are working Remotely

Communication is key, keeping in touch with clients is really important for Mortgage brokers and realtors. But don’t worry, The Canadian Mortgage App is here to help. We will keep providing you with new tools for working and staying connected with your business partners and clients from home.

During the past few weeks, we have been working on the development of new  Features and PRO Features “Version 11.2”  We want to help you work safely from home and facilitate communication with your business partners and clients.

Despite of the challenging times, the Impact or working remotely in Real Estate would also bring new opportunities for everyone.

 We want to finish by showing our appreciation for all the frontline workers that have been working hard to keep Canadians safe, healthy and fed. On behalf of the Canadian Mortgage App, Thank you.

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