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This app’s smart design — and well-placed tooltips — makes potentially overwhelming information easy to digest...
Find out why Google Play love's the Canadian Mortgage App.


This is the app everyone loves to talk about when it comes to mortgages. When asked, both homebuyers and mortgage specialists alike wholeheartedly recommend it...

Find out more about why the Financial Post think you should take the Canadian Mortgage app with you when you buy your next (or first) home.

One of the most comprehensive mortgage apps on the market. It’s effortless to input the numbers...Even better, it will help calculate first-time home buyer rebates and land transfer costs, based on where you live.

Checkout what else Money Sense had to say about the Canadian Mortgage app.


5 financial tools to help you buy your first home – April 2018

Preparing to buy your first home involves a lot of planning and number crunching. Between budget calculations, down payment savings, sussing out mortgage options and researching the housing market, there’s a lot to think about. Luckily, there are tools (several, in fact) for that!  Click here to read on about financial tools to help you buy your first home.


Personal finance apps to help you shop, plan and save  – Jan 02, 2016

Ever been out and about hunting for your next home and wished you could easily figure out how much it would cost to carry the mortgage? Canadian Mortgage provides an app that will do the math.  Click here to read what CBCNews had to say.

New CIBC app makes mortgages available via smartphones May 2015 

A very popular app in Canada is the Canadian Mortgage App from Bendigi Tech Inc. It’s an information app, giving rates, an affordability calculator, available rebates, local taxes, and a searchable database of mortgage experts…

For more info read Condo News 

Using Tech to Smooth out the mortgage processApril 13, 2017

Let’s face facts: finding a good mrotgage rate can be a daunting endeavour. As if wasn’t stressful before – dealing wiht banks and the abundance of paperork deciding between variable or fixed rates… It doesn’t hurt to do a little research on your own — Canadian Mortgage app allows you to easily compare rates…

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La Presse

Des Applications pour vous simplifier la vie Jan 04, 2015 

L’achat d’une maison, et l’hypothèque qui vient avec, est la plus grosse dépense effectuée au cours de la vie de la plupart des gens. Il va sans dire qu’il est important de bien faire ses calculs avant de se lancer.

L’application gratuite Canadian Mortgage permet d’estimer les coûts mensuels reliés à l’achat d’une propriété.  Cliqué içi pour lire


10 Apps to assist Realtors® with their day-to-day business May 02, 2017 – By Kim Clouthier

We have all been in the situation where a client has asked us about what mortgage payments could be on a home. The Canadian Mortgage app is ranked the #1 mortgage app in Canada, trusted… Read  OREABlog