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Elevate Your Tech

BTBB 2024

Exclusive to BTBB 2024 Attendees

Expires February 5th

In gratitude for 3 amazing days of collaboration, fun and business planning, we have decided to offer a promotion like never before. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to try the industry’s best mobile mortgage app and desktop tools for 3 months for free with NO commitment. 

Upgraded Mobile App


The Canadian Mortgage App PRO or the PRO enhanced version of your existing Brokerage App. Features include our new PREQ2 (with 25+ rental worksheets) and an enhanced  Client View and platform integrations

The Calculator Hub

Website Mortgage Tools

8+ calculators designed for your website and your referral partner websites. The tools can be branded / co-branded and seamlessly embedded in your website.

New Reports

Branded & Co-Branded

Our latest (unreleased) comparison tool includes new reports, which you can use to create feature sheets in seconds.

Mortgage Rate Update

Custom Training Plan

1-on-1 training on all the tools

At our initial onboarding meeting, we will develop a special training plan together to ensure success.

Don't leave Whistler without it!

Just pick a time and we’ll set you up on zoom. If you have any questions, you can also ask us us privately on WhatsApp. 

Don’t know your schedule yet? Drop in your name below and we’ll reach out to you.