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Top 3 Advantages of CMA PRO​​

CMA PRO is an extremely fast and cost-effective way for an agent to have a branded app with their colours, rates and logo built on top of the #1 ranked app in the country.


The biggest advantage is the price. You don’t pay upfront for development cost or maintenance. Even when we add new features to CMA, your subscription remains the same.


CMA can dynamically be branded. That means that you can change logos and colours at any time without talking to a developer or pay an extra fee. I guess this touches back on affordability.


Custom mortgage apps take time to accumulate ratings, but with CMA you instantly appear as if you have over 6,000 (5-star ratings) thus your click to download conversion is much better. It’s harder to compare because no other mortgage app by any other company or even a Bank has come close to that.