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Tips for More Living Space​

When looking for a new residence, it is important to understand the distinction between square footage, actual space and the perception of space. Less square footage does not necessarily mean you are stuck in a cramped and crowded home. The combination of strong design and some creative touches can transform a claustrophobic space into a free flowing and open environment.

Here are a few recommendations that will help you in your pursuit of a spacious home

Tips for More Living Space Kitchen
When House Hunting

When looking to maximize your square ft per $, look towards older buildings. Most new condo structures are extremely cramped, and often include 380sq units. Older buildings will on average have larger floor plans, and the price per square foot is usually cheaper.

Always Build Up, Not Out

In order to capitalize on the space you have, it is important to not only look left and right, but up and down. Any metropolitan area will indicate the power of building up, as skyscrapers were the answer to a limited amount of ground to build on. By building out you have less space to move around in, and will begin to feel cramped. Building upward gives more room to move, capitalizes on all of your space and gives the illusion of high ceilings.

When Buying Furniture

In order to create a spacious living environment, it is of the utmost importance to choose multifunctional furniture. Regardless of the type of residence, choosing space-conscious furniture is a powerful way to promote or gain room in your home. Finding pieces that include storage, such as Murphy Beds(beds can be stored vertically against the wall) or beds with storage compartments under the mattress help you capitalize on every square foot you have.

Photo by The Mayor of Hardware | Richie DeMarco

Tips for More Living Space Bedroom

The square ft in your home will not be the sole factor in determining if it is a spacious residence. How you furnish, organize and design the home will have massive impact on the flow, and perceived space.