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The Canadian Mortgage App: Simplifying The Home Buying Process​

The Canadian mortgage app is the #1 ranked and most accurate, comprehensive mobile app that helps Canadians calculate their homeownership cost.

The Canadian Mortgage App (CMA) is an app that demystifies the hidden costs of homeownership by helping make homeownership a lot simpler. This free app was first developed by the Founder and CEO of Bendigi Technologies Inc., Ben Salami. Salami was looking to purchase a home in 2013, but couldn’t find a tool that was comprehensive enough and geared toward consumers. He was looking to quickly determine all the costs involved, so he decided to build one that was flexible and combined all his research and voila, CMA was born!

Since its launch, the CMA has been used over 1.7 million times and serves thousands of daily users nationwide. Success has come from organic growth. Once you use the app the first time, you’ll be hooked and wonder how you survived without it. The app has come along since then and has even managed to outrank the big banks including the likes of BMO and CIBC in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Canadian Motgage App Reviews

The CMA app offers a realistic and super-accurate estimate of homeownership cost and prepares homebuyers for the unexpected before they jump into purchasing a home. There is a lot of information that often gets overlooked, but the app presents it in a flexible and concise form. Some examples include:

Canadian Mortgage App Features
  • – Land transfer tax for every single province and municipality in Canada
  • – Up to date first-time homebuyer rebates  
  • – Closing cost estimator (includes lots of hidden fees such as the PST on mortgage insurance, appraisal fees, home inspection, legal fees, etc.)

Technology has come a long way in the last decade. Millennials are the generation who grew up on smartphones. In fact, 83 percent admit to sleeping with their mobile device (if that isn’t love, I don’t’ know what is). Millennials use their smartphones for everything – 89 percent of homebuyers admitted to using their mobile device while house hunting.

Buying real estate is a competitive game. Download the app today and have a leg up on the competition. Never get caught off guard by closing costs again.

As mentioned, in this update we have translated The Canadian Mortgage App in French, Chinese and Spanish that can be directly accessed from CMA’s side menu.

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So make sure you tell your friends and family about the #1 ranked Mortgage App so they too can enjoy all the features offered.