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Recognizing Success In Canada's Mortgage App Market​

After three years of non-stop work, the leaders at the Canadian Mortgage App (CMA) thought it was time to reflect on the steps forward that have been made. Ben Salami, founder of the CMA, decided it was time to recognize the achievements of the key figures in the industry and created the Canadian Mortgage App Award for the Best Use of Mobile Technology, which will be presented at the annual awards ceremony in Toronto this May.

Canadian Mortgage App Awards 2016

The award is open to individual brokers, brokerages and networks, and finalists will be judged on the following: platform reach, number of downloads and reviews and ratings on app stores. The judges will also assess the features of the mobile technology, including the use of push notifications, variety of calculations available, mortgage comparisons and the ability to publish real-time rates.

Finalists will be invited to provide supporting documentation for submission, including download statistics, marketing strategy and key objectives behind their app’s design, functionality, features and quality of content.

“Mobile technology is growing very quickly and I felt the industry needed to embrace that,” Salami says. “We have been able to deliver mobile technology that is truly beneficial to brokers and their clients and, by creating the award, we are trying to encourage further growth in the industry. As more professionals come to the market, it means more competition and better technology, which will deliver better solutions for brokers and their clients.”