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Mobile Innovation Changing The Game For Brokers​​

The Canadian Mortgage App’s CMA Pro add-on is bringing a whole new dimension to the mobile offering for Canadian brokers. Unlike earlier versions of the app, brokers are able to personalize CMA Pro and then easily share the app with clients and colleagues. When a client downloads the app, they have the broker’s own rates right there on their smartphone.


“There are also no adverts from other brokers on CMA pro,” says Ben Salami, creator of the Canadian Mortgage App and CEO of Bendigi Technologies. “It’s your adverts, your profile picture and your mortgage info; it’s customized to you.  Your client can determine a solution that is tied directly to the information you provided on the app. It gives more value and confidence to the client and it saves time.”

The Canadian Mortgage App has seen extraordinary growth since its launch in 2013.  Salami admits he was unsure how the market would react to the app, and several of his industry peers said that his idea would not succeed. But they were mistaken; CMA has continued to grow and has been recognized as the inspiration behind many other apps now available to Canadian brokers and consumers.

“Life is about connecting with one another and our mobile app is a mechanism to bridge the industry silos and encourage connectivity and collaboration between professionals in the real estate, mortgage industry and others to come,” Salami says.

The Canadian Mortgage App has been featured by Apple and Google in the top 25 finance apps alongside the largest financial institutions in Canada. It has been used over 2 million times, earned over 3,000 5 star reviews and ranks as the number one mortgage app in Canada on various App Stores.

As well as offering timely solutions to all within the industry, the CMA is also gaining recognition across various media. A recent article by the Financial Post said of the CMA: “The app that everyone loves to talk about when it comes to mortgages. When asked, both homebuyers and mortgage specialists alike wholeheartedly recommend it.