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CMA PRO's partners with local expert​

The number of partners in the analytics report represents the number of professionals that you have invited to connect with you on your personalized app. This number includes partners who have accepted your request as well as partners whose invite are still pending.

Coming soon, the analytics report will provide you with both the numbers of partners invited as well as the number of partners connected on your profile.

In the meantime, you can log into your profile and click on the “partners” tab to determine who has accepted your request. You can send your partners a reminder email to connect or send them a personal email and let them know about your personalized app.

Canadian Mortgage App Pro (CMA PRO) is the fastest and easiest way to collaborate with professionals partners and be able to send each other referrals at the touch of a finger.

Offer your clients your digital business card in a powerful app that every home buyer will appreciate and find useful.