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PRO App for Brokes​

Building an app is not cheap. In fact, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which makes having a personal app unattainable for 99.9% of brokers. But a new professional add-on to the Canadian Mortgage App – CMA Pro – is changing that.

“We’ve significantly reduced the expense of having a personalized app for a broker or brokerage,” says Ben Salami, CEO of Bendigi and the creator of the Canadian Mortgage App (CMA). “Brokers can now have an app presence that allows them to collaborate with clients, colleagues and the big banks. That’s a huge advantage because millennials are less interested in using desktops and much prefer using their smartphones.”

Ben Salami Canadian Mortgage App

CMA Pro is built into the original version of the Canadian Mortgage App and allows realtors, mortgage professionals and real estate lawyers to personalize the CMA with their own information and network of partners. It also allows brokers and realtors to publish personalized content and real-time rates in an innovative and easy-to-use mobile app.

Ultimately, CMA Pro enables brokers and realtors to offer a new level of service to clients during the often stressful home buying journey. Having a personalized app makes a strong statement of professionalism that empowers clients with the knowledge that their broker or realtor is a leader in the field.

As well as helping to provide a better overall service to clients, CMA Pro is helping professionals to collaborate seamlessly like never before. In less than five minutes, real estate professionals can download the app, build a profile and create a powerful network by adding industry partners and colleagues. “Within the home buying process, there are multiple industries, each with it’s own vertical, and collaboration between them is often not great,” says Salami. “For a RE/MAX agent working with a bank, there was no tool to help that agent work across multiple companies. CMA Pro acts a bridge between companies, sort of like LinkedIn, where you have multiple networks each collaborating on a specific platform. CMA Pro packages all of that into a single app that can be easily shared with clients.”