What’s new in 8.0

24 Aug 2017
by bendigi
  • New Menu in the Home Screen
  • Foreign Buyer Tax
  • Option to turn off Land Transfer Tax
  • New Qualifying Rate 4.84%

New Menu in the Home Screen

Discover the new menu on the Home Screen with all the essentials tools at your finger tips. Calculate the maximum loan you can borrow by using the affordability tool and integrated GDS/TDS, also estimate your closing costs including the Land Transfer tax and first time home buyer rebates anywhere in Canada. You can compare mortgage scenarios and rates side by side to see which option has the least interest over your term and over the life of your mortgage.


Foreign Buyer Tax

For foreign buyers and non-canadian citizens, we have included the option to determine the Ontario Non-resident speculation Tax and the Vancouver (GVA) foreign buyer tax.


Option to turn off Land Transfer Tax

If you are doing a renewal or a refinance, you can finally turn off land transfer tax calculations all together. Use the 3 dot menu in the Land Transfer Tax screen for this option.


Stress Test with the new Qualifying Rate

If you were previously stress testing your mortgage or were using the GDS/TDS calculator, you will now see the change in the qualifying rate increased to 4.84%.


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