Increase Your App Downloads part 2 of 3

12 Sep 2016
by Canadian Mortgage App team


Hi there, its Shima again. I hope you are enjoying your CMA PRO and getting the most of it. I also hope my tips from part 1 helped you get more downloads and leads.

Here are a couple of more tips for you that can help you promote yourself and your app to your clients.

Boosting your app downloads:

  • Adding the link to your app’s landing page in your email signature is an effortless way to drive downloads over time simply by sending the emails you would normally send. Any email that is sent out, whether it be from your tech support, your newsletter or even the payment confirmation email should include a footer with one line advertising your app. Include details such as what can be accomplished through the app along with the link.


  • Post your app link on your social media pages and share your app with your followers. To ensure a wider reach and make sure your followers are seeing your post, try re-posting the same content but with a different message 3-4 times in a month.


  • You may also want to join a Facebook or LinkedIn group to make new connections and get more followers. Find groups that are made up of people that closely resemble your existing customers or your ideal customers and share the app with them. Explain the benefit of using the app and why they should come to you for your expertise.


Happy Sharing!


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