Increase Your App Downloads Part 1 of 3

23 Aug 2016
by Canadian Mortgage App team

First, a little about me:

Hi, my name is Shima (I’m the one on the phone) and I am the Marketing Manager at Canadian Mortgage App (CMA). I have been a part of CMA since the inception and been involved in the company’s growth and success.  In doing so, I discovered my passion for Marketing and therefore left the finance world to join the Canadian Mortgage App team to continue raising awareness and getting the app to go viral.

Company goals and vision:

 At CMA, we believe in putting the consumer’s needs first and aim to continuously provide a product that will educate and guide the consumers during the home buying journey. We do this by listening to every suggestion and concern of our users and as a result, word of mouth has played a big part in our success. Now we want to share that level of quality with our professional users so they can personalize the app and share it with their clients with CMA PRO.

A common question:

Some professionals have asked me “what is the point of me sharing my personalized app with my existing clients?”

Thats a good question. I can tell you that promoting yourself and keeping your name on your client’s phone and minds is always an advantage. Your existing clients may not require your service at this point but I guarantee they know someone that does and your clients can just simply share your app with their friends and family. Leads that come through referrals are the most powerful and beneficial.

Now let’s boost your app downloads:

So you have created your personalized version of the app. Congrats! Now all you have to is promote the app. Here are a couple of options:

  • Send a mass blast email to all your clients letting them know that you now have your own personalized version of the Canadian Mortgage App. If they already have the Canadian Mortgage App installed on their phones then the link you send will transform the generic app into your personalized app. You can also log into your account and upload a CSV file and invite your clients from the “clients” tab on the dashboard.
  • Reach out to your professional partners and invite them to connect with you on the app. The more partners you have, the more referrals you will receive and that adds up to more leads. How could you go wrong? Invite your professional partners from the “partners” tab on the dashboard. 

Give those options a try and check back for more tips coming up soon.

Happy Sharing!

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