Benefits of building a Custom Mortgage App vs. CMA PRO

30 Oct 2017
by bendigi

A recent article titled: “Are mobile mortgage apps the future of the industry?” by Mortgage Broker News has caused a flux of mortgage agents to sign up for our CMA PRO subscription.

It seems as if mortgage brokers and agents are now looking to be more tech-enabled then ever before and going mobile is an important step.

So we thought this is a good time to list out the advantages of building a custom mortgage app vs. our CMA PRO subscriptions. Well, for those who didn’t know, but we do build custom mortgage apps via


Our Custom Mortgage App service follows a SAAS (Software as a service) model that we started about 3 years ago. Our team basically builds, publishes and maintains a full blown app for a brokerage.

We have now published over 80 custom apps available on iOS and Android for some really successful principle brokers, of course under their own company name, so you won’t find it on the list of our apps.

So what are some of it’s benefits?


Really successful brokers like Annie Mirza, Collin Bruce, Ron Butler or James Loewen are always looking to go above and beyond for their clients and thus need a custom app that they can modify and improve at will.

Also the apps we build are native (not using clunky web or hybrid stuff). Native is KING and carries a premium look & feel that everyone expects.

Since each app is a different code path and almost a physical entity on it’s own, we can actually modify and customize each app separately as opposed to our CMA PRO which affects about 400K users on every change.

You own your developer account

When we build a custom app, we actually apply to Apple and Google on your behalf to get you a developer account and permission to publish it under your company name. This means that you will be searchable on the app store and can use search ads to further market your app.

Your developer account is also your link between you and your users where the app is only a vehicle. For instance if you ever want to use another development company, you would just issue out an update.

Local Branding

Having an app is definitely a competitive advantage for any brokerage and an investment by the owner of the brokerage that his or her agents will really appreciate.

Having a custom app is even more important for smaller independent brokerages where they need to solidify their brand in the community and can not just rely on the bigger networks to spend marketing dollars.

Agents of the independent brokerage would help market their brand to clients, Realtors and on social media to make it really viral.

and since we all LOVE CMA. We thought it’d be good to highlight it’s advantages too.

Here are the


CMA PRO is an extremely fast and cost effective way for an agent to have a branded app with their colours, rates and logo built on top of the #1 ranked app in the country.


The biggest advantage is the price. You don’t pay upfront for development cost or maintenance. Even when we add new features to CMA, your subscription remains the same.

Impressive Ratings

Custom mortgage apps take time to accumulate ratings but with CMA you instantly appear as if you have over 6,000 (5 star ratings) thus your click to download conversion is much better. It’s harder to compare because no other mortgage app by any other company or even a Bank has come close to that.

Dynamic Branding

CMA can dynamically be branded. That means, that you can change logos and colours at any time without talking to a developer or pay an extra fees. I guess this touches back on affordability.


If you are a larger brokerage (5+ agents) and your primary goal is branding your brokerage then a custom mortgage app would serve you better. Where as CMA PRO can be more beneficial and much more cost effective for a single agent to have a branded app, plus you’ll save the development cost upfront and ride the evolution of the most popular mortgage app.

How much is development cost?

Well, we leave that for another email but if you are interested in chatting about either the custom mortgage app or our CMA PRO. Please book a call with us via

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